A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections Signs Nine Franchise Agreements Across India

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Canada’s Largest Home Inspections Company Continues Explosive Growth in India

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January 26, 2017 // Franchising.com // POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Bill Redfern, founder and CEO of internationally recognized A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI), announced today a list of nine signed franchise agreements that expands the company’s presence further across India. These agreements are a part of ABCHI’s aggressive expansion strategy to open 390 units across India in the next five years. Currently, the company’s footprint is within 19 countries across the globe.

6 Steps to Steel Yourself for Tough Times

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By Nicole Fallon Taylor, Business News Daily Assistant Editor

Plummeting sales. PR disasters. Piling debts. Lawsuits. Layoffs. These are just a few of the many potential tough situations an entrepreneur might face — and that's just on the business side. Illness, family deaths, relationship issues and other personal problems can weigh heavily on a business owner's mind and make it really difficult to carry on with day-to-day operations.

You may not have faced a significant hardship while running your business yet, or perhaps you've made it through one (or more) and wish you'd handled things differently. Either way, it pays to be prepared. Here are six steps you can take to soften the blow if — or, more likely, when — you find yourself facing tough times.

Ontario Home Inspector Goes Above And Beyond

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WHITBY, ON – At 1:00 am on the night of August 26, Pedro Giorgana, our Whitby Ontario franchisee, received a distressing call from a frantic client. The client had discovered that the family cat was missing, and was convinced it was trapped somewhere within the walls of their home. Not knowing who else to phone for help, the client contacted Mr. Giorgana.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Pedro grabbed his infrared camera and headed over to the scene. Using thermal imaging, he was able to locate the cat within the walls of the home. Thermal imaging works by detecting the infrared radiation emitted by an object. This means that a warm object (like a wayward feline) will show up brightly against a cool background (like drywall and wood).

Once the missing cat was successfully located using the infrared camera, Pedro was able to determine where he could safely cut to rescue the trapped pet. After a stressful ordeal, the cat was retrieved and returned to its family without further incident. Pedro was even able to help the homeowners locate the opening that the cat had used to enter the walls, and plans were quickly made to patch up the hole as soon as possible.

We’d like to commend Mr. Giorgana for his quick thinking and willingness to help. It’s not every day that a home inspector gets called in for a midnight cat rescue!

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections to Increase European Presence

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Regional Director to Expand Home Inspection Offices into Poland, Slovenia and Croatia

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI) will soon be knocking on the doors of many more homeowners seeking its services throughout Europe.

The Pompano Beach-based franchisor, recognized as the world’s most professional home inspection company, announced today that it has signed an agreement to launch an aggressive European expansion strategy that will dramatically increase the company’s footprint beyond its current presence in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

Under the agreement, Tomas Simon, who now co-owns and operates the company’s regional office in Czech Republic and Slovakia under the brand name A Buyer’s Choice Home Experts, can market the franchise to other motivated, small business-oriented people in Poland, Slovenia and Croatia.

“Through market analysis and ongoing discussions with key players in the local real estate market, we’ve identified an incredible need for professionally certified home inspections in Eastern Europe,” said Bill Redfern, founder, president and CEO of ABCHI. “With Tomas on our team, I know he is going to lead the efforts to fill the void.”

The opportunity to help others succeed and support the local economy is what Simon welcomes the most about the investment he has made in expanding the brand throughout Eastern Europe. Prior to becoming the regional director, Simon enjoyed management roles and will bring his strong leadership skills to this new endeavor.

“When you buy a franchise, you want to feel good about the support and guidance you are going to receive. This is the point I feel strongest about, and it will be a focus of mine as I work with new franchisees in the region,” said Simon. “I am passionate about coaching others on how to get their business up and running, build sales and achieve success.”

Already, ABCHI is one of the world’s largest home inspection franchises with nearly 200 branches throughout Canada and the United States. Additionally, the company has grown into Chile and New Zealand. 

Redfern started the home inspection business in Canada in 2007, remarkably turning it into the largest home inspection franchise in that country after only two years of franchising. His track record of success stems from his remarkable attention to detail. Every ABCHI inspector is insured and certified above licensing standards, going beyond what the government requires of independent home inspectors.

For more information about A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections and franchise opportunities in Europe, email Tomas Simon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI) is a franchise business meeting the huge demand for home inspections. The company is rapidly expanding throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide, on a path to become the world’s largest home inspection company. By focusing on developing and maintaining local, trust-based relationships with its customers, ABCHI is creating a home inspection business unlike any other. Currently, there are nearly 200 franchises across Canada, the United States and dozens more internationally. For or more information, please visit www.ABuyersChoice.com.

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections Plans to Double Presence in Western Canada

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VANCOUVER – A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI) recently announced an aggressive Western Canada growth strategy, which calls for expanding from 50 to 100 units throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The company’s Canadian growth expectations will further solidify ABCHI as Canada’s largest and most trusted home inspection business.

“We’ve struck a chord with buyers, sellers and real estate professionals,” said Martin Fiesel, Regional Owner for A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. “Western Canada has grown to realize that the value we bring to the table is unrivaled. The A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections process is second to none.”

In 2013, ABCHI increased its presence in Western Canada by nearly 25 percent. Projections for the year ahead are even more illustrious for the concept, with company plans calling for 15 new units throughout the western provinces. Key areas for growth include Burnaby, Kelowna, rural Saskatchewan, Vancouver, Victoria and Winnipeg.

Read the full article at betheboss.ca

A Buyer's Choice Home Inspector Pat Quinn Interviewed in the Thomson Reuters

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US Builders Complain they Can't Find Skilled Carpenters.

(Reuters) - Where have all the carpenters gone? Home builders across the United States are scratching their heads for an answer as they struggle to assemble crews to keep up with growing demand.

In some parts of the country, the shortage of skilled carpenters - especially framers - is so bad that builders cannot get projects off the ground and it is taking as much as two months longer than normal to complete a project.

Read the full article here.

A Buyer's Choice Home Inspector Colin Dvorak Featured in the Spruce Grove Examiner

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A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI), North America's fastest growing home inspection business, announced the operation of its Spruce Grove, Alberta office. Meeting the growing needs of homebuyers, sellers and real estate agents, the new office is serving Devon, Parkland County, Stony Plain and west Edmonton.

Click here to read the article online or click here to view the article as a PDF.

Note: the article can be found on page 111-112 of the local paper's e-edition (located on the bottom righthand corner of the webpage).


BC February 2013 TOP AWARD Winners

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Please help us to congratulate all of our TOP AWARD winners for the month of February from SUPER-NATURAL British Columbia!



Ken's activity is starting out at a very high pace. He's doing home shows, he's been mentoring Randy Squires in Cloverdale & he's having to share work with his ABCHI neighbours in order to keep up with the demand.

2013 is looking very good in the Upper Fraser Valley!!


How Working with a Professional Home Inspector Can Help Close Deals

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As an agent and broker for more than a decade, I met many home inspectors. Too often, I was stuck doing damage control after their walk-throughs with potential homebuyers; I was forced to cover the mess a quick-mouthed inspector speaking in hyperbole had made during an inspection. In no way am I saying that all home inspectors are incompetent or shock jocks. There are independent operators who do a stand-up job. However, the inconsistency is notable and troubling. Many inspectors simply don’t understand the nuances and difficulties Realtors face in all the facets of their customer relationships when working to close transactions. This observed inconsistency led me to launch a company aimed at training inspectors to not just meet and exceed licensing standards for home inspections, but to also understand real estate terminology, working in concert with real estate agents to meet the crucial needs of homebuyers.

Read Article

Midwest Regional Meeting

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On October 18, 2012 the Midwest team took our A Buyers Choice Home Inspections covered wagons to Red Deer, AB for our fall regional meeting.

We were thrilled to have Bill Redfern, President and CEO, attend our meeting and share with us some of the exciting things that are happening at ABCHI woldwide.

It was refreshing to hear all the fantastic success stories coming from both seasoned and new franchisees during our round table discussions. It became very clear that the A Buyers Choice Home Inspections system is working well for those who stick to the plan and do the activities nessecary for success.

We shared some of the ways the franchisees are using the online newsletter tool to create brand awareness and to set up meetings with their sphere of influence. The success rate for meetings and inspection business is very encouraging.

Central Ontario Regional Meeting

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The Central Ontario Regional Meeting on Oct 15th was a fantastic success!!

The Unit franchise owners from Central and part of Eastern Ontario attended the quarterly Regional meetings in Stouffville Ontario. The theme for this meeting was Back to Basics and following the A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections System.

The meetings opened with an overview from Bill Redfern our President, CEO and Founder, highlighting the fantastic success A Buyer's Choice has achieved domestically and globally with the expansion into the Czech Republic/Slovakia, Chili and New Zealand over the past year with several more Regional Master Franchises upcoming.

BC September 2012 TOP AWARD Winners

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Please help us to congratulate all of our TOP AWARD winners for the month of September from SUPER-NATURAL British Columbia!



Many areas in BC are starting to flatten out, but Ken seems to be ramping it up for the fall.

Always pushing the boundaries and coming up with innovative, new marketing ideas.

Good work Ken!


Top Award Winners September 2012

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Congratulations to our Top Award Winners for Central & Eastern Ontario for September 2012


Dave Harden
Franchise Owner Northumberland & Clarington

Congratulations on another great month Dave and for finishing off the summer on a high note. Your very wide referal base has kept your business consistant througout the year.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Big Opportunity in the Big Easy!

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World renowned for great food, cool music and good times, the City of New Orleans also proved to be a hot spot for business at the recent National Association of Realtors conference!

With more than 20,000 realtors from across North America in attendance, Bill, Arne, and a gang of other A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections team members showed off our brand new booth as well as our awesome, leading-the-industry services to realtors from around the world including the US, Canada, South Africa, Asia, Europe and South and Central America! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and congratulations to the winners of our draw for electronics measuring devices!

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