How to setup your mobile phone

The following documents contain instructions on how to configure your mobile device to send and receive email. If you require further assistance in setting up your mobile device, your best resource will be your cellular provider. Please call them for assistance and have the following information ready when calling them:

Your email address
Your password
Incoming server address -
Outgoing server address -

Mobile Device Setup Instructions (click to download PDF file)

If you are unsure on choice of POP or IMAP, choose POP


How to configure your email client

For most users, we recommend using the webmail site to access your email. This is the simplest method of using mail for those less comfortable messing around with configuration settings. With the webmail site (, all you need is a web browser, your email address, and your password. If you are familiar with using Hotmail or Gmail, this interface is very similar. If you prefer to use a desktop email client, please continue reading for configuration instructions.

The following documents provide instructions for setting up your email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird etc. Please follow the instructions literally, only replacing the following values for your settings:

"" is replaced with ""

"john.smith" is replaced with your actual email username 

If you are using more than one device to access your email, we recommend using IMAP

Windows Mail Clients (Click to download setup instructions in PDF format)

Mac Mail Clients

Mobile Devices

How to use Webmail

For most users, we recommend using the webmail portal to access your email. It is the easiest way to use email for novice computer users. Here's why:

  • You can access your email from any web browser
  • All you need is your email address and password
  • You don't have to worry about things like POP and SMTP settings
  • You never have to re-configure your settings when travelling
  • Your email is always stored in a safe location and backed up every night
  • If you accidentally delete an email, we can restore it up to 14 days later
  • You can easily report spam, and manage your own anti spam settings

The webmail address for A Buyer's Choice is This address will not work until we complete the migration. Please do not access this page until December 6, 2010.

Immediately after the migration takes place, the webmail portal will be the easiest way for most users to access their email, and to send and receive new email.

For full instructions on accessing and using webmail, please download the Webmail Instructions PDF file. Click here to download.

If you would like to use a desktop client such as Microsoft Outlook, please continue on to the next section.

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